About Dreamkeepers Kennels

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, this kennel is owned and operated by family and friends who have a strong sense of loyalty and dedication not only to this magnificent breed, but also to one another. We are devoted to upholding the dream of the creator, Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, his brother, Austin Nores Martinez, and all of the many people in their lives who helped them to accomplish their magnificent dreams, which, in my opinion and many other established and new Dogo owners, they achieved in creating a breed of “True Gladiators”.

These Gladiators time and time again have proven that they can and will face the harshest environments and prevail in bringing home many a dinner, a trophy, a heart felt story and a life long companion and friend to the family. They may be battered and bruised but ready for the task of showing complete docility and devotion in loving, guarding and protecting their families, even gladly offering their lives if the need arises. All this before they elegantly and cockily exude their confidence as they gallop around any show circuit absolutely demanding respect, adoration and attention they so much require and deserve.
Here at Dream Keepers Kennels, we are dedicated to doing our part in helping to conserve this wonderful breed by making our breedings based on the belief of the creator, that through following strict practice of breeding only performance based thoroughbred females to performance based thoroughbred males while adding consistent, effective and efficient education and training to ensure that only the best clones are developed and provided.

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Email: willimain@dedicateddogs.com
Email: willimain@dreamkeeperskennels.com



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